Resource Listing

Clinical Treatment and Intervention Services

CITYKIDS (Citywide)

CITYKIDS is a network of agencies offering single point access, coordinated intake and service delivery to children with special needs and their families. Serves children from birth to 6 years of age and children 6 to 12 years of age attending childcare.
Tel: 416-920-6543 | Fax: 416-920-1543 | mothercraft.ca

Autism Intervention Services

Geneva Centre for Autism

Clinical Intervention and Training
Tel: 416-322-7877 | autism.net

Surrey Place Centre
Partnership for Autism Services
Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)

For children with a confirmed diagnosis of Autistic Disorder or fall toward the severe end of the autism spectrum.
Tel: 416-925-5141 x 2289 | surreyplace.on.ca

Toronto Autism Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Services

For children and youth up to their 18th birthday with a confirmed Autism Spectrum diagnosis including Autism/Autistic disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Specified (PDD-NOS) and Asperger's Disorder.
Tel: 416-925-5141 x 2231 | surreyplace.on.ca

Child Development and Specialized Clinics

Developmental assessments, Neurological assessments and/or psychological assessments. Physician referral required. Children must be between the ages of 0 and 6 years of age and must reside within Toronto.

Regent Park Community Health Centre

Tel: 416-362-0805 x 228 | Fax: 416-362-5899 | regentparkchc.org

St. Joseph's Health Centre: Paediatric Consult Clinic (South/West)

For child under 3 years 11 months with delays in 2 or more domains with a query of autism.
Tel: 416-530-6000 x 4449 | Fax: 416-530-6294 | stjoe.on.ca

St. Michael's Hospital: Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic (Downtown core)

Tel: 416-864-6060 x 8276

The Scarborough Hospital (East)

Tel: 416-438-2911 x 6120 | Fax: 416-431-5940 | tsh.to

Michael Garron Hospital – Toronto East Health Network (South East)

Tel: 416-469-6580 x 6308 | Fax: 416-469-6503 | tegh.on.ca

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Interdisciplinary assessments, diagnosis, and referrals to community services. All referrals for child development services are co-ordinated through the Holland Bloorview main site Intake where children are triaged to the appropriate satellite locations based on catchment.

Main Site (Citywide) - Serves children and youth from birth to 18 years.
Tel: 416-424-3804 | Fax: 416-422-7036 | hollandbloorview.ca

Satellite Locations:

Eglinton West Satellite Clinic (West)

Michael Garron Hospital (East)

Children's Mental Health Services

Assessment and programs for children, youth and their families with social/emotional concerns. Age limit varies, please contact for further details.

Adventure Place (North)

Serves children ages 0-6.
Tel: 416-744-7650 x 228 | adventureplace.ca

Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre (East)

Serves children ages 0-12.
Tel: 416-321-5464 | aislingdiscoveries.on.ca

Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (Citywide)

Serves children and youth ages 5-24.
Tel: 416-535-8501 x 4366 | camh.net

Child Development Institute (South and East York)

Serves children and youth ages 0-12.
Tel: 416-603-1827 | childdevelop.ca

Etobicoke Children's Centre (West)

Serves children ages 0-12.
Tel: 416-240-1111 | etobicokechildren.com

George Hull Centre (West)

Serves children and youth ages 0-18.
Tel: 416-622-8833 x 258 | georgehullcentre.on.ca

North York General - Child & Adolescent Team

Tel: 416-632-8703 | nygh.on.ca

SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (North and South)

Serves children ages 0-17.
Tel: 416-924-1164 | sickkidscmh.ca

Sickkids Infant Psychiatry Program (Citywide)

Serves children ages 0-5.
Tel: 416-813-6582 | sickkids.on.ca

What's Up Walk In (Citywide)

Free walk in mental health counselling.

Yorktown Child and Family Centre (Northwest)

Tel:416-394-2424 | yorktownfamilyservices.com

Child Welfare (Citywide)

Investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect; guidance, care, prevention and adoption services.

Children's Aid Society of Toronto

Tel: 416-924-4646 | torontocas.ca

Catholic Children's Aid Society

Tel: 416-395-1500 | torontoccas.org

Jewish Family and Child Service of Toronto

Tel: 416-638-7800 | jfandcs.com

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Tel: 416-969-8510 | nativechild.org


Epilepsy Toronto

Serves children who have epilepsy/seizure disorder and their families by providing parent support, counseling, education and advocacy.
Tel: 416-964-9095 | epilepsytoronto.org

Feeding Clinics (Citywide)

Assesses and manages children who have feeding and swallowing issues.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Tel: 416-424-3835 | hollandbloorview.ca

North York General Hospital: Feeding Clinic and Nutrition Services

Tel: 416-756-6222 | nygh.on.ca

Sick Kids Hospital

Tel: 416-813-7270 | sickkids.on.ca

Hearing/Speech/Language (Citywide)

Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf

Community centre and provider of services to the Deaf community.
Tel: 416-449-9651 | TTY: 416-449-2728 | bobrumball.org

Early Abilities Preschool Speech and Language Program

Serves children birth to Junior Kindergarten entry. Assessments, consultations, parenting support, therapy and referrals.
Tel: 416-338-8255 | TTY: 416-338-0025 | tph.to/earlyabilities

Infant Hearing Program

Serves children birth to 6 years of age. Provides universal newborn hearing screening, high risk monitoring, audiology assessments, communication development, and family support.

Medical and Private Services (Citywide)

Community Health Centres

Physicians, professionals and prevention programs.
Tel: 1-866-532-3161 | TTY: 1-800-387-5559 | health.gov.on.ca/en/common/system/services/chc

Occupational Therapists

College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario. Find an Occupational Therapist in the OT Directory.
Tel: 416-214-1177 | coto.org


Ontario Association of Optometrists. Search function for locating a local optometrist.
Tel: 1-800-540-3837 | optom.on.ca


The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario. Find a doctor, family doctor, and/or specialist with the All Doctors Search.
Tel: 416-967-2603 | cpso.on.ca

Canadian Paediatric Society


Canadian Association of Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Find out about speech-language Pathologists, audiologists, and find a professional in the national database.

Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists

Find out information about communication disorders, swallowing difficulties, and/or hearing health care needs, Ontario services, and search for private practitioners.
Tel: 416-920-3676 | osla.on.ca

Respite Services

Safehaven Project of Community Living

Residential Services for children 0-18 years with multiple disabilities and complex medical care needs.
Tel: 416-535-8525 | safehaven.to

Community Living Toronto

Lawson: (Ellesmere and McCowan) Residential services for children ages 2-21 with an Intellectual disability. Overnights available.

Ennerdale: (Eglinton and Dufferin) Residential services for children ages 2-18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Overnights available but not required.

Tel: 647-426-3219 | cltoronto.ca/respite

Geneva Centre for Autism

Evening Respite Groups: Serves children ages 2-18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder on a 1 staff 2 child ratio. Operates April-June 3:30-8:30pm.

Weekend Respite and Zone Summer Camps: Serves children ages 6-18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tel: 416-322-7877 x 325 | autism.net

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Inpatient/Overnight Residential Respite: Short-term, inpatient care for children ages 0-19 with disabilities or complex medical needs.

Day Respite services: Serves children with a complex physical disability and/or developmental delay. Priority for medically fragile, or children with a secondary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Tel: 416-425-6220 | hollandbloorview.ca

Respite Services Toronto

Serves children with a developmental and/or physical disability. Respite Options Facilitators can assist in connecting families to respite options and workers.
Tel: 416-322-6317 x 1 | respiteservices.com/Toronto

Specialized In-Home Infant & Child Development Services (Citywide)

Centennial Infant and Child Centre

Serves children ages 0-5 with suspected or diagnosed developmental delays in 2 or more areas. Includes home based, family centered programming to facilitate development.
Tel: 416-935-0200 | cicc.ca

Centre Francophone de Toronto

Serves children ages 0-5 who are identified or at risk of a developmental delay and want services in French. Toronto Health Connection, Early Intervention, child care consultation, service coordination, and Ontario Early Years programs.
Tel: 416-922-2672 | centrefranco.org

Community Living Toronto

Serves children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families.
Tel: 647-426-3219 | cltoronto.ca

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Serves children ages 0-5 with all diagnoses: physical, at risk, pre-term or neurological. Developmental programming support, parent education, and community information.
Tel: 416-782-1105 | hollandbloorview.ca

Local Health Integration Network

Serves children with disabilities who require Personal assistance, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social worker and Service Coordination.
Tel: 416-310-2222 | healthcareathome.ca/torontocentral

Mothercraft Parent Infant Program

Serves children ages 0-6 who are at risk due to biological and psychosocial issues through early intervention services and programs.
Tel: 416-364-7373 | mothercraft.ca

Surrey Place Centre

Serves children ages 0-5 suspected or diagnosed with developmental disability. Individualized family centered education/services.
Tel: 416-925-5141 | surreyplace.on.ca

Ontario Foundation for Visually Impaired Children

Serves children ages 0-5 with a diagnosis of visual impairment with or without additional disabilities. Functional assessments, parent education individualized and sensory development programming.
Tel: 416-925-5141 | ofvic.org

Woodgreen Community Services: Parent Outreach Program

In home support for parents of children with developmental delays ages 2.5-21. Supports self-help, social skills and behavioral problems. Home visitors are parents of children who have special needs.
Tel: 416-645-6000 x 1163 | woodgreen.com

Vision (Citywide)

Blind Low Vision Program

Children with 20/70 vision acuity in the better eye after correction, Visual field restriction to 20 degrees or less, a physical condition of the visual system that cannot be corrected medically.
Tel: 416-338-8255 | TTY: 416-338-0025 | tph.to/earlyabilities

Programs For Children

211 Toronto

Free information and referrals to community, health, social services and ethno-specific organizations. Confidential and client-focused services. Available 24/7 in more than 150 languages.
Tel: 2-1-1 | 211Ontario.ca

Better Beginnings, Better Futures Programs

Serves families with children birth to 6 years of age who live in the neighbourhood and surrounding neighbourhoods and face barriers to accessing services.

Parents For Better Beginnings (Regent Park)
Tel: 416-362-0805 | regentparkchc.org

Child and Family Support (Citywide)

City wide Early Learning Programs for children up to six years of age and their parents/caregivers.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Offer free drop-in programs for children up to six years of age and their parents/caregivers.

Toronto Military Family Resource Centre

Provides military families with information, resources and services in Canadian Forces communities.
Tel: 416-633-6200 | familyforce.ca

Toronto Public Library

Tel: 416-393-7131 | TTY: 416-393-7030 | torontopubliclibrary.ca

Child Care

Childcare Subsidy – City of Toronto

Provides a child care fee subsidy for the cost of child care for eligible Toronto residents/employees.
Tel: 3-1-1 | toronto.ca/children/subsidy.htm

Specialized Nurseries (Citywide)

For Child Care and Specialized Nurseries visit the City of Toronto Child Care finder for centre based and home based programs.

Every Child Belongs Program

Provides enhanced services to children, their families, staff, and providers in licensed child care programs.
Tel: 3-1-1 | toronto.ca/children/specialneeds


Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud

Tel: 416-397-6564 | csdccs.edu.on.ca

Conseil scolaire viamonde Sud-Ouest

Tel: 416-614-0844 | csviamonde.ca

Toronto District School Board

Tel: 416-397-3000 | tdsb.on.ca

Toronto Catholic District School Board

Tel: 416-222-8282 x 5314 | tcdsb.org

Full Day Kindergarten

Tel: 1-416-325-2929 | Toll Free: 1-800-387-5514 | edu.gov.on.ca/kindergarten

Toronto Public Health (Citywide)

Programs for parents and children prenatal to 6 years. Includes: Breastfeeding Support, Dental, Healthy Babies Healthy Children, Parenting Programs, Peer Nutrition Program, Preschool, Speech & Language Services, Blind/Low Vision, Infant Hearing Program.
Tel: 416-338-7600 | TTY: 416-392-0658 | toronto.ca/health

Toronto Public Health: Peer Nutrition

Assists with feeding practices, nutrition education, and skills of parents with children 6 months to 6 years in many languages and ethno-cultural groups.
Tel: 416-338-8395 | toronto.ca/health/peernutrition

Young Parent Resource Centres

Care & treatment services for young parents & their children.

Humewood House Association

Resource centre for young pregnant and parenting women.
Tel: 416-651-5657 | humewoodhouse.com

June Callwood Centre for Women and Families

Multi-service resource centre for pregnant teenagers, young parents and their children.
Tel: 416-365-1888 | junecallwoodcentre.org

Massey Centre

Provides a comprehensive range of programs and services for families and babies with a focus on pregnant and parenting teens.
Tel: 416-425-6348 | massey.ca

Rosalie Hall

Provides a comprehensive range of early intervention, prevention and treatment services meeting the needs of young families from Scarborough and across the Toronto Region.
Tel: 416-438-6880 | rosaliehall.com

Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) (Citywide)

Families with young children birth to 6 years living in conditions which may impact on their ability to reach optimal health.

Family Health

Toronto 311

Provides personal assistance and resources to City-related services 24/7.
Tel: 3-1-1 | Outside Toronto: 416-392-CITY | toronto.ca/311

Aboriginal Services

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Provides services to the Native population of Toronto. Includes: youth services and programs, developmental services, family programs, mental health services, addiction services, and the largest Aboriginal Head Start program in Canada.
Tel: 416-969-8510 | nativechild.org

Benefits and Supports

Benefits Canada

Provides connections to programs, services, and information on employment, temporary income support, skill training, housing, and health needs.
Tel: 1-800-622-6232 | canadabenefits.gc.ca

Ontario Benefits Directory

Directory of Benefit and tax credit programs for child care, dental, education, employment, health, housing and legal aid.
Tel: 1-866-668-8297 | ontario.ca/BenefitsDirectory

Health Services

Community Health Centres

Physicians, professionals and prevention programs.
Tel: 1-866-532-3161 | TTY: 1-800-387-5559 | health.gov.on.ca/english/public/contact/chc/chc_mn.html

Dental Services

Free dental services for children 0-17, adults enrolled in Toronto Public Health programs, and seniors 65+.
Tel: 3-1-1 | toronto.ca/health/dental/locations.htm

Ontario Association of Optometrists

Search function for locating an optometrist.
Toll Free: 1-800-540-3837 | optom.on.ca/find_an_optometrist

Ontario MD

Health Card Validation, Medical Library of clinical information, Drug interaction checker, formulary, and monograph resources, Referral & Community Resources, Patient Education, and links to diagnostic and screening tools.

Vision Institute

Non-profit charitable optometry clinic.
Tel: 416-224-2273 | visioninstitute.optometry.net

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Telehealth Ontario (Toll Free): 1-866-797-0000 | ontario.ca/health

Cultural Centres

OCASI - Settlement

Provides information on local community groups.

Community Knowledge Centre

Directory of community organizations and programs in the city of Toronto.
Tel: 416-921-2035 | ckc.tcf.ca

Domestic Violence Help

Assaulted Women's helpline

Free, anonymous and confidential 24-hour crisis counselling, safety planning, emotional support, information and referrals.
Tel: 1-866-863-0511 | TTY: 1-866-863-7868 | Mobile: #SAFE | awhl.org


Free, anonymous, and confidential for French-speaking women. Provides information and referrals.
Tel: 1-877-336-2433 | Email: info@femaide.ca | femaide.ca

Shlifer Clinic

Provides legal help, counselling and language interpretation to women who have experienced violence.
Tel: 416-323-9149 | schliferclinic.com

Ethno-specific organizations

211 Befriending Programs for Newcomers

Directory of services that provide social support for newcomers. Includes local ethnocultural associations.
Tel: 2-1-1 |

Food Security and Nutrition (Citywide)

Breakfast Club

Meals served each week in 20+ clubs across Toronto.
Tel: 905-474-8054 | breakfastclubs.ca

Foodlink Hotline

Telephone referral service connecting people with over 1,300 food programs in their neighbourhood.
Tel: 416-392-6655 | foodshare.net/foodlink-hotline

Daily Bread Food Bank

Provides food and resources for families experiencing hunger and poverty.
Tel: 416-203-0050 | dailybread.ca/get-support

Francophone Services

Centre Francophone

Provides settlement, employment, legal, health, family and child, and cultural services.
Tel: 416-203-1220 x 250 | centrefranco.org

Housing and Shelters

Emergency Shelters

Tel: 1-877-338-3398 | toronto.ca/housing

Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Provides social housing and support for low and moderate-income tenants, including seniors, families, singles, refugees, recent immigrants to Canada and people with special needs.
Tel: 416-981-5500 | torontohousing.ca

Housing Connections, Toronto

Provides access to the central waiting list for subsidized rental units, including rent-geared-to-income units, rent supplement and housing allowance units in cooperatives, private non-profits, supportive housing, Community Housing buildings, and private market buildings.
Tel: 416-981-6111 | housingconnections.ca

Income & Child Tax Programs

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP)

Tax preparation clinics helping prepare tax returns for individuals who have low income and a simple tax situation.
Tel: 1-800-959-8281 | cra-arc.gc.ca/volunteer

Ontario Drug Benefit Program

Provides reimbursement for eligible patients for more than 3,200 drug products, including nutrition products and diabetic testing agents.
Tel: 1-866-532-3161 | health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/drugs/programs/odb/odb.aspx

Childcare Subsidy – City of Toronto

Provides a child care fee subsidy for the cost of child care for eligible Toronto residents/employees.
Tel: 3-1-1 | toronto.ca/children/subsidy.htm

Child Tax Benefit

Tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under age 18.
Tel: 1-800-387-1193 | servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/goc/cctb.shtml

Learning Bond

Tel: 1-855-737-7252 | smartsaver.org

Child and Family Benefits - Canada Revenue Agency

Provides links, resources, and applications for families to various Child and Family Benefits. Includes links on universal child care benefit and children's special allowances.
Tel: 1-800-387-1193 | cra-arc.gc.ca/bnfts/menu-eng.html

Ontario Trillium Benefit

Tax return benefit for eligible Ontario citizens combining the Ontario Sales Tax Credit, Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, and Northern Ontario Energy Credit.

Legal Support

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)

Provides clear, accurate, and practical legal information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights.
Tel: 416-408-4420 | cleo.on.ca

Legal Aid Ontario

Provides legal aid services in a cost-effective and efficient manner for low-income individuals.
Tel: 416-979-1446 | Toll-free: 1-800-668-8258 | legalaid.on.ca

Mental Health Services

Connex Ontario

Free and confidential health services information for people experiencing problems with alcohol, drugs, mental health or gambling.
Tel: 1-866-531-2600 | connexontario.ca

Across Boundaries

An ethno-racial Mental Health organization providing a range of support and services to people of colour in the GTA who are experiencing severe mental health problems/serious mental illnesses.
Tel: 416-787-3007 x 222 | acrossboundaries.ca

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Canada's largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital, as well as one of the world's leading research centres in the area of addiction and mental health.
Tel: 416-595-6059 | camh.net

Community Resource Connections of Toronto

Supports and provides resources and direct services for people affected by serious mental illness.
Tel: 416-482-4103 | crct.org

Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere

Provides education, information, advocacy and individual supportive counseling, monthly educational meetings, and support groups.
Tel: 416-207-5032 | fameforfamilies.com

Family Outreach and Response Program

Assists families with individual support, information and referral, support groups, and educational events.
Tel: 416-539-9449 | familymentalhealthrecovery.org

Family Service Toronto

Provides counselling and support for individuals, couples and families, and support groups.
Tel: 416-595-9230 | familyservicetoronto.org

Mental Health Helpline

Free information about mental health services. Available 24/7 in more than 140 languages.
Tel: 1-866-531-2600 | mhsio.on.ca

Public Libraries

Toronto Public Library

Tel: 416-393-7131 | TTY: 416-393-7030 | torontopubliclibrary.ca

Recreation Centres

Park, Forestry and Recreation

Tel: 3-1-1 | toronto.ca/park

Toronto Fun Guide

Information and Registration to the City of Toronto's recreation programs for all ages, skill levels, and interests.
Tel: 3-1-1 | toronto.ca/torontofun

Service Canada

Programs, including for Newcomers, Seniors (OAS, GIS), First Nations, Veterans, Employment (e.g. SIN), EI, GST Credit, Canada Child Tax Benefit. Organized by population group, life events, and subject.

Service Ontario

Access to provincially run information and online services, e.g. for EI, CPP, birth certificates.

Settlement or Immigration Supports

Access Alliance

Multicultural Health and Community services for recent immigrants and/or refugees in Canada.
Tel: 416-324-8677 | accessalliance.ca


Provides newcomers with information and resources to settle in Ontario, Canada.
Tel: 416-322-4950 | settlement.org

Social Support Programs

Ontario Disability Support Program

Program designed to meet the unique needs of people with disabilities who are in financial need, or who want and are able to work and need support.
Tel: 416-327-4954 | Toll free: 1-866-340-8881 | mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/ow

Employment and Social Services Toronto

Provides resources and links to employment services, financial benefits, and social supports.
Tel: 416-392-2956 | toronto.ca/socialservices

OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program

Financial assistance that is offered to students and that is funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. The loan must be repaid over a period of years after the studies have been completed. Students who are in Canada under a student visa are not eligible for OSAP.