Check It Out

Check It Out Toolkit - Professional Resource

A comprehensive toolkit has been developed to inform the practices of delivering the Check It Out Approach. It includes everything you need to operationalize the Check It Out in a community.

  • Check It Out Manual: a comprehensive manual which highlights the Check It Out approach, key components, and a step-by-step guide to effective practices for planning and implementing a screening event.
  • Professionals Guide: a living document that supports and informs professional regarding screening tools, key messages and resources to provide to families.
  • Pool of Professionals: a template to be populated with professionals who will offer screenings in kind at local Check It Out events.
  • Child Development, Health and Well-being Passport: a trifold booklet that helps families navigate through the screening event and provides a place to record referral and follow up information.
  • Tips Booklet: a take away resource for families that reinforces the importance of the key messages in family friendly language.
  • Activity Booklet: a supportive booklet filled with activities for children to do while at a Check It Out event.
  • Templates: materials created to support the coordinating agencies with planning, marketing, and implementing a screening event, e.g., flyer, registration page, and follow-up form.
  • Check It Out Promotional Kit: folder of branding materials, e.g., wordmark, icons, stickers, and visual.

To download your toolkit, fill out the below form agreeing to be contacted in the future to take part in our evaluation.

Check It Out Toolkit Agreement

A key part of Check It Out is the partnerships and collaborative practice. It enables shared responsibility, the efficient use of limited resources and encourages innovative approaches. Professionals who download the Check It Out Toolkit must agree to be contacted in the future about an ongoing evaluation.

The data you provide will help us learn about the uptake of the program and the effectiveness of the model.

What will be asked?

  • General organizational demographics
  • Check It Out demographics, e.g., how many, number of participants, number of referrals etc.