Check It Out

An Integrated Community-Based Approach to Early Child Development, Health, and Well-being

Check It Out is an integrated community-based approach to early child development, health and well-being that that offers children aged 0 - 4 years and their families' access to screening in 12 key areas. It allows for a holistic approach to screening that is intended to meet the needs of various populations and communities.


Children will reach their optimal level of health and are ready to learn at school entry.


Increase the number of children who have access to comprehensive health and development screening and referrals prior to school entry.


  1. Children 0 - 4 years will have equitable access to screening in 12 health areas.
  2. Children with identified concerns will be referred to specialized services, community and government programs in a timely manner and receive follow up.
  3. Families will receive key messages related to the 12 health domains for screening and take away resources and support to linking with community services.

Key Components

  1. Partnerships:
    1. With families: Through one to one connections with professionals, trust is established and partnerships are formed.
    2. Across sectors and with professionals: Working in partnership is a key approach in population-based health promotion. It enables shared responsibility, the efficient use of limited resources and encourages innovative approaches that fit with the community's unique needs.
  2. 12 Health Areas
  3. 12 screening areas address the child's health, development and well-being using the social determinants of health lens.

  4. Referral and Follow Up
  5. Consenting families of children identified with atypical health and/or development are supported by timely referrals to the appropriate community, government and/or specialized services. To further support access, follow up with the family is emphasized within one month of completing the referral.

Check It Out Visual

Check It Out visual

Check It Out Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit has been developed to inform the practices of delivering the Check It Out Approach. It includes everything you need to operationalize the Check It Out in a community.

Click here to access the Check It Out Toolkit.